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Congressman Tom McClintock, 4th Congressional District of California
Kevin Kiley, California State Assembly 6th District,
Candidate for 3rd Congressional District of California

Lance Christensen, Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of California
Lori Veerkamp, EDUHSD Board President
Brian Veerkamp, Fire Chief (retired), District 3 EDC Supervisor (retired)
David Del Rio, EDUHSD Board Member, Exec. Director EDCA Lifeskills

Heidi Hannaman, EDHCSD Board of Directors
Timothy Cary, EDUHSD Board Member
Jessicca Rodgers, EDUHSD Board Member
John Knight, Los Rios Community College Trustee,
District 1 EDC Supervisor (retired)
Georgianne Knight, EDC Board of Education Trustee District 1
Allan Priest, EDHCSD Board of Directors (retired)
Mark Denholm, ORHS Foundation Executive Board (retired)
Jon DeVille, El Dorado County Assessor-Elect 



Scott and Nicole Collie
The Hannaman Family
Daniel Kramer
Eileen Sanfelice
Lori Sprenger
Lindsay Thomas
Tyler and Candace Andujar
Monica and Glenn Krakow
Anthony and Bev Scotch
Eric Cavaliere
Heather Lemos
Chris and Megan Hoybjerg
Kylee and Hans Heuer
Jennifer Yoder
Stephanie and Nate Willis
Linda Morgenroth
Elizabeth Silvey
Clifton and Warren of Placerville
John and Amanda Ferry
Mike and Ann Root
Charles Stephens



I support/endorse Brooke Van Komen as candidate for the El Dorado Union High School District School Board.

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