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We have endured unprecedented challenges over the past several years and we continue to face more challenges as we navigate forward.  As a parent of high school students during the "COVID-19" pandemic, I am keenly aware of the heartache, loss and frustration that has been felt daily. Through it all, we have persevered.  Now is the time to collectively unify and chart our future course. Our community, parents, teachers, students and staff have proven they are resilient and resolved to move forward and adapt to the many changes and challenges.  As a school district, we will continue to lead the way to new, brighter horizons. We must prepare students with skills and knowledge while honoring values we cherish. In my short time as an appointed board member, I have seen the hard work and diligent efforts of so many and I am determined to do my part to contribute moving in the right direction.  I am ready to listen and represent in order to serve the students, families and the educational community of El Dorado County.

On November 8th, I ask for your vote so that I may continue to work and serve on the El Dorado Union High School District School Board.  I welcome any questions or comments regarding my campaign and/or the EDUHSD, so please contact me. Thank you for your support!

Classroom Lecture


Fiscal accountability to the tax payers of El Dorado County


Career and college readiness

by enhancing pathways and resources


Prioritize campus safety and support of mental and emotional needs


Collaboration and connection for educational endeavors 

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